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Not LinkedIn? oo-ar-ya? (and other stadium chants..)

5 Sep

Still thinking that LinkedIn is just for recruitment agencies and social media addicts? Go sit on that naughty step and think again.

If you’re trying to make new contacts the chances are that they’ll look you up on LinkedIn first.  Google searches typically throw up LinkedIn profiles amongst the top hits and you need to ensure that you’re not unwittingly damaging your reputation by your absence.  It could be that as you use it more extensively you realise that you are indirectly linked to potential clients, making it an invaluable networking tool. Continue reading


Another victory for Social Media…

11 Jun

I was poised earlier this week to write a ranty blog post.  You know the drill…”This beggars belief…” and “Never have I been so disappointed with so-called customer service…” Venting is often the most cathartic way of exorcising those frustrated demons and I do love the occasional rant. Continue reading

How authentic are you?

20 Apr

This post has grown from a seed planted in a Twitter conversation yesterday.  In it I asked whether people have success running more than one Twitter account simultaneously.  Continue reading

Oh No! Not another Social Media Expert?!

2 Mar

The last post I wrote focussed on Twitter. It was a tongue in cheek attempt to break down some of the confusion that surrounds my favourite Social Media platform and it was gratifyingly popular. A small section focussed on business use but really it was a more high level attempt to allay some of the fears residing in individuals making their first foray into this brave new world. Continue reading

I just don’t ‘get’ Twitter

28 Feb

How many times have you heard that?

People say it to me all the time, generally accompanied with a sympathetic look that says “You’re a bit of a geek.”

So I try, again, to explain what it’s all about, and even to my own ears it sounds a bit rubbish, and the more I go on the more I feel myself shrinking, Alice like, falling into the rabbit hole, trying and trying to climb out and make sense, and failing miserably.

To prevent further embarrassing stand-offs I’ve decided to retreat to my communication medium of choice: to write down my explanation to any future enquirers and hand out little pieces of paper with this URL scrawled on it when they ask.

So, what is Twitter?

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caring and sharing….

9 Dec

My mum & dad obviously did a good job in dragging me up as (for an only child) I’m a great believer in sharing.  I’ve often thought that if hard cash were not the currency of choice in our modern world then I’d happily do what I do for free – *Pauses* – Let’s be absolutely clear here, I don’t do what I do for free but neither am I so miserly that I’d refuse even to talk to someone unless I thought there was ‘something in it for me’.

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night shifts…

22 Nov

I’ve talked before about my ‘working arrangements’ and the upshot of this style is that I’m often working when sensible folk are catching up on Sky+ / Facebook / Twitter / the pile of books on their bedside table (delete as…). Those who know me well will argue that I manage to put in a fair shift on FB/Twitter but that’s more to do with typing speed and availability of iPhone than commitment to the cause.

Working at night is a strange one, being freelance already places you in that vortex of self reliance, often paralysed by the absence of ‘water cooler’ moments to gain perspective. Someone much more talented than me put it perfectly this week (on Twitter) RT @susanorlean “Being a writer requires an awkward balance of utter confidence and abject insecurity. Both necessary, neither sufficient.” followed up with RT @susanorlean “You do need the nerve to think you have something to say, but also the humility to listen, and the neediness to want to be heard.” So, so true and somehow working antisocial hours makes you feel even more of a pariah in social / business commentary terms, which is why I have to work hard to develop skills that keep me current and relevant and useful on the 2009/10 marketing communications tour.

Ultimately for me, it comes down to two things:-

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