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The everso slightly embarrassed post….

3 Nov

Oh hello November! What on earth did you do with October? I swear I was just about to sit down and have a coffee with him.  So *coughs shamefully* here I am blogging about communications and I’ve gone and committed the cardinal sin myself.  It’s been 33 days since my last post which I know is pretty rubbish really.  In fairness, and some attempt to cover my tracks, I have been blogging over at Battling On which you could loosely describe as a Parent Blog, and those that categorise these things certainly do. But in terms of business blogging I’ve slacked off. Continue reading


Social Media in Practice

29 Sep

I’m always interested in reports and surveys about social media – who uses it, how they use it, what they expect of it and so on.  BUT, I’m a bit of a cynic and often wonder about the metrics used, who commissioned the survey and why, and what the underlying interest was. Continue reading

How authentic are you?

20 Apr

This post has grown from a seed planted in a Twitter conversation yesterday.  In it I asked whether people have success running more than one Twitter account simultaneously.  Continue reading

Paperless predictions….do they cut it?

24 Mar

The rise of the kindle, e-reader and iPad, in partnership with the burgeoning blogging army, social media and online content adds serious weight to the argument for the long predicted forecast of ‘The Paperless Society’ becoming a reality. Gordon Brown has announced a suite of changes to increase efficiencies and reduce the need for printed output and, although his plans undoubtedly are more fiscal than ecological, does this pre-empt another attempt to reduce us all to a nation of screen tappers? Continue reading

Oh No! Not another Social Media Expert?!

2 Mar

The last post I wrote focussed on Twitter. It was a tongue in cheek attempt to break down some of the confusion that surrounds my favourite Social Media platform and it was gratifyingly popular. A small section focussed on business use but really it was a more high level attempt to allay some of the fears residing in individuals making their first foray into this brave new world. Continue reading

I just don’t ‘get’ Twitter

28 Feb

How many times have you heard that?

People say it to me all the time, generally accompanied with a sympathetic look that says “You’re a bit of a geek.”

So I try, again, to explain what it’s all about, and even to my own ears it sounds a bit rubbish, and the more I go on the more I feel myself shrinking, Alice like, falling into the rabbit hole, trying and trying to climb out and make sense, and failing miserably.

To prevent further embarrassing stand-offs I’ve decided to retreat to my communication medium of choice: to write down my explanation to any future enquirers and hand out little pieces of paper with this URL scrawled on it when they ask.

So, what is Twitter?

Continue reading

My Top 10 positive changes for 2010

5 Jan

I ended last year by tweeting my personal Top 10 positive changes that every business could benefit from considering.  Here’s a quick reminder so that I can look back on them and write about them in more detail over the coming weeks.  The order is incidental – literally what came to mind on each day – and in my opinion all of equal importance to business development and holistic communications.

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