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The Clear Desk

14 Jul

In the days when I worked for a large company, in an air-conditioned office, with a kitchen and a coffee machine *sigh*, there were certain rules that were expected to be adhered to.  The corporate world comes with caveats, rules of engagement and expectations that have slipped since I’ve worked for myself. Continue reading



14 Aug

I work from home. Mainly for time of life reasons – school and pre school children, EU guilt mountain at the very idea of all day childcare and procrastination about the idea of getting a ‘proper job’. Fair enough I do run my own business, complete with tax and VAT returns, but I’m fitting it in jigsaw-like or rather shoe-horn like to make it work with our family life. It was my birthday this week, not a significant zero-type number, but another year passing that I’m not out there focusing on world domination rather than making failing attempts to be a domestic goddess. It’s got me thinking about choices and motivation and whether my choices are more to do with my lack of it.

I mostly revel in being on the periphery of a business, looking in with eyes unfettered by politics and gossip and withdrawing to write clear, uncomplicated copy on the issues of the day. I return to my home office after a day spent interviewing and researching full of enthusiasm and ideas that charge around my head desperate to be committed to the hard drive and, if I manage to avoid the twin perils of Twitter and Facebook, that first hour in front of the mac is amazingly productive.. but if the motivation to work on after a long day out wanes…..

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