Whilst every aspect of the Marketing Mix adds value when delivered in a structured way, ensuring cohesion with a company’s core values and positioning statement, the use of PR is considered essential to developing credibility.

Consider PR as on ongoing dialogue with your existing and desired customers, conducted through a third party (the press, online news feeds etc). The fact that a third party publishes a story gives it an implied endorsement and bestows it with a credibility not easily gained through any other marketing activity.

Press releases do not have to be limited to the ‘big stories’.  They should be drip fed throughout the course of the year, providing a regular source of information about a company.  This offers a variety of benefits including:-

  • A constant presence in the press, helping to build awareness and maintain the brand
  • The better known the company is, the more interest the press will show in publishing stories
  • Increased hits on a company’s website and improved internet listing – regular news stories are the best way to maintain this
  • Regular appearance in the press and online will strengthen customer relationships and improve the perception of the company
  • PR aids the job of selling, through the power of implied endorsement
  • An up-to-date news section on the website – there is not much worse than looking at the ‘recent news’ section of a company’s website and seeing that the last time it published anything to it was in 2008

Good PR should be intrinsically linked to the marketing plan, core values and positioning statement.  Most account directors will then look to provide a variety of stories that cover all elements of a company’s operations.  If you’d like to hear more about how PR can benefit your ongoing strategy, feel free to get in touch here.

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