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The everso slightly embarrassed post….

3 Nov

Oh hello November! What on earth did you do with October? I swear I was just about to sit down and have a coffee with him.  So *coughs shamefully* here I am blogging about communications and I’ve gone and committed the cardinal sin myself.  It’s been 33 days since my last post which I know is pretty rubbish really.  In fairness, and some attempt to cover my tracks, I have been blogging over at Battling On which you could loosely describe as a Parent Blog, and those that categorise these things certainly do. But in terms of business blogging I’ve slacked off. Continue reading


Time management and the scourge of the home worker….

4 Aug

OK, so the clear desk policy hasn’t really worked out – at all – in fact things are worse than ever.  On the plus side I have within reach pretty much every item I could ever need in my day-to-day working life (and then some). Continue reading

The Clear Desk

14 Jul

In the days when I worked for a large company, in an air-conditioned office, with a kitchen and a coffee machine *sigh*, there were certain rules that were expected to be adhered to.  The corporate world comes with caveats, rules of engagement and expectations that have slipped since I’ve worked for myself. Continue reading

Another victory for Social Media…

11 Jun

I was poised earlier this week to write a ranty blog post.  You know the drill…”This beggars belief…” and “Never have I been so disappointed with so-called customer service…” Venting is often the most cathartic way of exorcising those frustrated demons and I do love the occasional rant. Continue reading

Battling On has moved….

27 Feb

This is a sticky post….it’ll stay here for a while redirecting traffic, hope it doesn’t get it the way.  Please scroll past it to read some insightful posts from Battleplan Creative 😉

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night shifts…

22 Nov

I’ve talked before about my ‘working arrangements’ and the upshot of this style is that I’m often working when sensible folk are catching up on Sky+ / Facebook / Twitter / the pile of books on their bedside table (delete as…). Those who know me well will argue that I manage to put in a fair shift on FB/Twitter but that’s more to do with typing speed and availability of iPhone than commitment to the cause.

Working at night is a strange one, being freelance already places you in that vortex of self reliance, often paralysed by the absence of ‘water cooler’ moments to gain perspective. Someone much more talented than me put it perfectly this week (on Twitter) RT @susanorlean “Being a writer requires an awkward balance of utter confidence and abject insecurity. Both necessary, neither sufficient.” followed up with RT @susanorlean “You do need the nerve to think you have something to say, but also the humility to listen, and the neediness to want to be heard.” So, so true and somehow working antisocial hours makes you feel even more of a pariah in social / business commentary terms, which is why I have to work hard to develop skills that keep me current and relevant and useful on the 2009/10 marketing communications tour.

Ultimately for me, it comes down to two things:-

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a hospital visit…

30 Jul

Spent a day in hospital this week, never a pleasant experience but thankfully it was in a professional capacity. I’m writing about a piece of Radiography equipment which has had me pondering the nature of Technical PR. There’s a balance to be struck here between facts and figures and experiential insight and it’s vital to get it right, otherwise it’s just another really dry piece of copy.

Any PR is there to assist the selling process and I maintain that people buy from people… no matter what the model is according to the sales and marketing guru of the moment, that essential fact remains the same. Even online businesses recognise it – why else would Johnny Boden be writing to me every other day? He may be completely manufactured but Boden has created a compelling aura of reality and his target market buys in – success!

Fundamentally it’s always about the target audience, focus on what they need to know – tell them, tell them again, give them a chance to digest and leave them with one last little morsel to savour. Simple?