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5 Aug

Yes or No?  Personally I’m pro.. but then again I would be….

Outsourcing communications introduces an element of objectivity that becomes almost impossible to retain when you’re part of an organisation, regardless of size.  Incidentally that’s one of the many benefits from working on your induction programmes and taking those initial, some would say naive, opinions seriously – there’s a lot to be learned from those fresh eyes and whilst new recruits may not immediately be delivering on ROI, they can start adding value from the outset with the right programme in place.

But I digress… That objectivity is  key, it’s not measurable and it requires trust and mutual respect to really demonstrate its value. Our working culture has become increasingly focussed on boxing everything up as commodities, putting an RRP on it and using that to evaluate its worth.  It’s such an unhealthy way to work, shoving the ‘soft stuff’ out to the periphery of operations when it should rightly be slap bang in the middle.. the hub of it all.

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