Effective communications form the hub of any enterprise.

Establishing a marketing communications strategy starts from the inside out, delving into every area of your business and ensuring that your philosophy pervades throughout.  Gaining the understanding and commitment to your values from your internal stakeholders is vital; if the whole company understands who you are and what you are about, it creates a positive energy that permeates every element of the business.

Social Media is the buzzword of the moment, and rightly so.  But it’s just one part of what should be a much longer equation. 360comms encompasses social media and looks at every area of communication, focussing on where improvements and efficiencies can be made.

360comms is a process that will firstly audit the existing communications and collateral within a business, deciphering what is of use and can be repurposed. The process is tailored to suit each individual business and deliver the results that they are looking for.  Ultimately 360comms will provide a new way of looking at communications and assessing their effectiveness.

At Battleplan we’re always working on ways of creating business efficiencies and ensuring that the correct messaging gets out to the customer every time.  We’ll interrogate your ‘moments of truth’…every touch point where a customer or potential customer can form an opinion of you, and we work with you to maximise the potential of each of these. We also make sure that processes are implemented for gathering feedback – and learning from it….closing the loop.

Battleplan works with you to ensure that your communications are targeted and relevant.  Through a dynamic blend of objectivity, insight and realism, our strategic approach to communications ensures that your customers’ perception of your business truly reflects your own.

We do this through 360comms…

To find out more, contact us today.


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