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Where does the time go?!

7 Feb

This place is being sorely neglected lately.  Not only did I promise it a complete overhaul back in December, I also told myself that I’d be writing here on a weekly basis and keeping up with ‘stuff’.

Oh well, all in good time…

What I did come to do was share some good news.  Contrary to how it might look I have actually been really very busy of late. One thing that’s been going on that I’m really very proud of is our business venture Absolute You.  Set up to provide flexible business support to basically anyone who needs it, Absolute You is a really lovely little business model that’s already working beautifully. If you’ve got five minutes to pop over and have a quick look I’d be very grateful.

In other news my desk is still in a terrible state, but there is a system in place now you know *cough*…