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From kittens to lasers in one sleek step….

9 Nov

I guess we all have those jobs that we’d love to be doing if we weren’t doing what we are doing.  In my case there’s a massively long list that includes such diverse choices as Divemaster, Furniture Restorer, Vet, X Factor winner and Creative Director of a successful advertising agency.  I have the skills to do a fraction of these but never let it be said that I’m not a trier. In another lifetime I am a dead ringer for Don Draper, moodily mooching my way through meetings before coming up with eye-poppingly awesome campaigns that make everyone sit up and beg. Continue reading


The everso slightly embarrassed post….

3 Nov

Oh hello November! What on earth did you do with October? I swear I was just about to sit down and have a coffee with him.  So *coughs shamefully* here I am blogging about communications and I’ve gone and committed the cardinal sin myself.  It’s been 33 days since my last post which I know is pretty rubbish really.  In fairness, and some attempt to cover my tracks, I have been blogging over at Battling On which you could loosely describe as a Parent Blog, and those that categorise these things certainly do. But in terms of business blogging I’ve slacked off. Continue reading