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Paperless predictions….do they cut it?

24 Mar

The rise of the kindle, e-reader and iPad, in partnership with the burgeoning blogging army, social media and online content adds serious weight to the argument for the long predicted forecast of ‘The Paperless Society’ becoming a reality. Gordon Brown has announced a suite of changes to increase efficiencies and reduce the need for printed output and, although his plans undoubtedly are more fiscal than ecological, does this pre-empt another attempt to reduce us all to a nation of screen tappers? Continue reading


Oh No! Not another Social Media Expert?!

2 Mar

The last post I wrote focussed on Twitter. It was a tongue in cheek attempt to break down some of the confusion that surrounds my favourite Social Media platform and it was gratifyingly popular. A small section focussed on business use but really it was a more high level attempt to allay some of the fears residing in individuals making their first foray into this brave new world. Continue reading