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holding page….

23 Aug

It’s been a busy week… this is meant to be a post considering the commoditisation of creative services, and it will be – one day. In the meantime I’m off on holiday with my lovely family to laugh, play, read and sleep. Feel free to add some thoughts if you drop by while I’m away, otherwise I’ll pick it back up on my return…



14 Aug

I work from home. Mainly for time of life reasons – school and pre school children, EU guilt mountain at the very idea of all day childcare and procrastination about the idea of getting a ‘proper job’. Fair enough I do run my own business, complete with tax and VAT returns, but I’m fitting it in jigsaw-like or rather shoe-horn like to make it work with our family life. It was my birthday this week, not a significant zero-type number, but another year passing that I’m not out there focusing on world domination rather than making failing attempts to be a domestic goddess. It’s got me thinking about choices and motivation and whether my choices are more to do with my lack of it.

I mostly revel in being on the periphery of a business, looking in with eyes unfettered by politics and gossip and withdrawing to write clear, uncomplicated copy on the issues of the day. I return to my home office after a day spent interviewing and researching full of enthusiasm and ideas that charge around my head desperate to be committed to the hard drive and, if I manage to avoid the twin perils of Twitter and Facebook, that first hour in front of the mac is amazingly productive.. but if the motivation to work on after a long day out wanes…..

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Feeling slighted….

9 Aug

Rejection. Never something to relish but, sadly, a necessary part of working in PR… you write an article or opinion piece and try to syndicate it to relevant publications to gain profile for your client, or for yourself. Sometimes, despite you feeling all zeitgeisty and flooding with confidence, the product of your tapping digits is rejected or, if it’s done nicely, not considered ‘relevant’ for the readership. It all amounts to the same thing – a big fat NO that sends you scurrying back to that little safe place where you try and persuade yourself that it’s not you, it’s them and they’ll be crying into their decaf rooibush when they see it placed elsewhere and realise with crushing clarity that they’ve just done the literary equivalent of Simon Cowell turning down the Spice Girls.

It happened to me this week, I’d just finished writing a piece about ‘The Female Future – a New Business Model’. My focus was on the Print industry, which is where I spend a good chunk of my time, but the points raised had a much wider application. I had fun writing this, it was factual, well researched and pertinent (if I say so myself) and more than that I was excited by it. “This is it” I thought to myself as I sent it off to the the publishing editor, “this is going to start a progressive discussion that might actually bring about positive change.” “Ha-de-Ha-Ha” any cynical onlookers would have thought, “here comes a living illustration of the fabled fall following the pride.”

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5 Aug

Yes or No?  Personally I’m pro.. but then again I would be….

Outsourcing communications introduces an element of objectivity that becomes almost impossible to retain when you’re part of an organisation, regardless of size.  Incidentally that’s one of the many benefits from working on your induction programmes and taking those initial, some would say naive, opinions seriously – there’s a lot to be learned from those fresh eyes and whilst new recruits may not immediately be delivering on ROI, they can start adding value from the outset with the right programme in place.

But I digress… That objectivity is  key, it’s not measurable and it requires trust and mutual respect to really demonstrate its value. Our working culture has become increasingly focussed on boxing everything up as commodities, putting an RRP on it and using that to evaluate its worth.  It’s such an unhealthy way to work, shoving the ‘soft stuff’ out to the periphery of operations when it should rightly be slap bang in the middle.. the hub of it all.

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