a hospital visit…

30 Jul

Spent a day in hospital this week, never a pleasant experience but thankfully it was in a professional capacity. I’m writing about a piece of Radiography equipment which has had me pondering the nature of Technical PR. There’s a balance to be struck here between facts and figures and experiential insight and it’s vital to get it right, otherwise it’s just another really dry piece of copy.

Any PR is there to assist the selling process and I maintain that people buy from people… no matter what the model is according to the sales and marketing guru of the moment, that essential fact remains the same. Even online businesses recognise it – why else would Johnny Boden be writing to me every other day? He may be completely manufactured but Boden has created a compelling aura of reality and his target market buys in – success!

Fundamentally it’s always about the target audience, focus on what they need to know – tell them, tell them again, give them a chance to digest and leave them with one last little morsel to savour. Simple?


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