Where does the time go?!

7 Feb

This place is being sorely neglected lately.  Not only did I promise it a complete overhaul back in December, I also told myself that I’d be writing here on a weekly basis and keeping up with ‘stuff’.

Oh well, all in good time…

What I did come to do was share some good news.  Contrary to how it might look I have actually been really very busy of late. One thing that’s been going on that I’m really very proud of is our business venture Absolute You.  Set up to provide flexible business support to basically anyone who needs it, Absolute You is a really lovely little business model that’s already working beautifully. If you’ve got five minutes to pop over and have a quick look I’d be very grateful.

In other news my desk is still in a terrible state, but there is a system in place now you know *cough*…


From kittens to lasers in one sleek step….

9 Nov

I guess we all have those jobs that we’d love to be doing if we weren’t doing what we are doing.  In my case there’s a massively long list that includes such diverse choices as Divemaster, Furniture Restorer, Vet, X Factor winner and Creative Director of a successful advertising agency.  I have the skills to do a fraction of these but never let it be said that I’m not a trier. In another lifetime I am a dead ringer for Don Draper, moodily mooching my way through meetings before coming up with eye-poppingly awesome campaigns that make everyone sit up and beg. Continue reading

The everso slightly embarrassed post….

3 Nov

Oh hello November! What on earth did you do with October? I swear I was just about to sit down and have a coffee with him.  So *coughs shamefully* here I am blogging about communications and I’ve gone and committed the cardinal sin myself.  It’s been 33 days since my last post which I know is pretty rubbish really.  In fairness, and some attempt to cover my tracks, I have been blogging over at Battling On which you could loosely describe as a Parent Blog, and those that categorise these things certainly do. But in terms of business blogging I’ve slacked off. Continue reading

Social Media in Practice

29 Sep

I’m always interested in reports and surveys about social media – who uses it, how they use it, what they expect of it and so on.  BUT, I’m a bit of a cynic and often wonder about the metrics used, who commissioned the survey and why, and what the underlying interest was. Continue reading

Not LinkedIn? oo-ar-ya? (and other stadium chants..)

5 Sep

Still thinking that LinkedIn is just for recruitment agencies and social media addicts? Go sit on that naughty step and think again.

If you’re trying to make new contacts the chances are that they’ll look you up on LinkedIn first.  Google searches typically throw up LinkedIn profiles amongst the top hits and you need to ensure that you’re not unwittingly damaging your reputation by your absence.  It could be that as you use it more extensively you realise that you are indirectly linked to potential clients, making it an invaluable networking tool. Continue reading

I’m a Creative, not an Investment Banker!

18 Aug

Occasionally I’m asked to jump in on speculative pitches for work. Often these are based around design – a number of different concepts are worked up and presented to a prospective client, along with a spiel on how and why the concepts were created.

These types of pitches seem to be par for the course working in creative services, but they have never sat easily with me.  Years ago I was negotiating a PR contract with a potential client.  They were happy with our credentials, impressed with our client list and confident that we were the right company for them,  then they asked if we’d work for free for a month before signing contracts – just to prove ourselves. Continue reading

Time management and the scourge of the home worker….

4 Aug

OK, so the clear desk policy hasn’t really worked out – at all – in fact things are worse than ever.  On the plus side I have within reach pretty much every item I could ever need in my day-to-day working life (and then some). Continue reading